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Type: Residential - Historical Preservation, Architecture & Interior Design

Location: Winchester, MA.

Status: Design Development

Renovation of a historic 1660s single-family home with a new addition and an attached greenhouse.



The young couple who bought this home fell in love with its character and history. However, the house is far from viable for a young family. Various renovations and additions over the centuries (such as three different floor heights on the second level and a disjointed flow on both floors) made the interior of the house a maze.

We dug deep into the Winchester town archives in search of this house’s story. By using old photographs

and documents, we traced the evolution of the house throughout the years. The design proposes to preserve the historic portion of the house (pre-1900) and to modify any later additions that lacked clarity or cohesion.

To highlight the historic character of the home, the addition does not try to match or blend-in with the existing architecture. Instead, the form and style of the design is derived from the proposed attached greenhouse, thus emphasizing differentiation by contrasting the existing and the new.

Historical Research


Schematic Design - Phase 1


Schematic Design - Phase 2

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