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Type: Residential - Architecture & Interior Design

Location: Charlestown

Published: Boston Globe Magazine.

Photography by Joyelle West


Old meets new in this classic master bath with a modern twist and a touch of vintage in a historic 1870s rowhouse in Charlestown.

Complete gut renovation, including the expansion into two adjacent closets. The goal was to modernize the space, originally 80-square-feet and featuring a bathtub and small vanity. The clients, a young couple in their 30’s, wanted to add a walk-in shower without giving up on a bathtub, which they felt would be useful in the future as their family grows.


To improve the functionality while respecting the traditional architectural elements of the home, the linen closet was converted into a walk-in shower and the utility closet was used as the new location for the toilet. Doing so also made room for a large double vanity with additional storage space.


The design is modern with an eye to the past. It features contemporary elements, such as the vanity, alongside traditional pieces, such as a clawfoot tub and vintage Turkish rug.

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